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Our policy: Wiesbauer-Dunahús is intent on having satisfied customers

Wiesbauer-Dunahús has been supplying the Hungarian grocery stores and catering industry with unique and high quality meat products since 1994. The plant was taken in use in 1998 in Gönyű being near Győr. In the year 2014, within the framework of a new development, the plant was not only renewed but also its ground-space was increased. Its production reaches the yearly cca. 3000 tons. The plant has IFS quality certificates which is renewed in every year with excellent results. The rich product range that includes more than 40 product specialities, can be classified as follows: product group as red products (e.g. Prémium Bécsi virsli), sausages (e.g. Puszta Debreceni), semi-dry products or cold cuts (e.g. Túra felvágott and Bécsi felvágott), hams (e.g. Pastrami ham) and grill products (e.g. Grill Mix). These products are sold not only in the Hungarian market but under the name Prímás are exported to the Austrian and German market, too.

Modern production plant with EU hygiene number

Wiesbauer-Dunahús Ltd is a subsidiary of Wiesbauer established in Vienna in 1931. Currently, the Hungarian plant is the member of the Wiesbauer Holding AG. The chairman of the Supervisory Committee is  KommR Karl Schmiedbauer. The board of directors stands for Thomas Schmiedbauer, Ernst Stocker and Henry Heumann who are responsible for the operation and also, the policy-to-be of the company. All the members of the Wiesbauer companies aim at meeting the requirements of the customers. This is the ruling principle of the Wiesbauer companies, which has to be accepted by all the workers of theirs. The operating director of the Wiesbauer-Dunahús Company is Henry Heumann and Zsolt Kazai is responsible for the sales.

In 2018, Wiesbauer-Dunahús – employing cca. 110 workers – reached turnover of 15 million EUR and also intends to continue to increase it in the year 2019 by further increase of sales volume. Plants of Wiesbauer Group (Wiesbauer Österreichische Wurstpezialitäten, Wiesbauer Gourmet, Metzgerei Senninger, Wiesbauer-Dunahús) in Vienna, in Sitzenberg-Reidling (Lower-Austria), in Saalbach-Vorderglemm and in Gönyű employ almost 825 workers. (In 2018, the total turnover was 189 million EUR, total volume was 27.400 tons).

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